UXG Dynamic LED Solutions offer a premium service, dedicated to meeting the increasing demand for permanent indoor, outdoor and creative seamless LED screens, providing superior components at competitive pricing. We are a full turnkey solution, offering a fully integrated LED solution for your business, including full project management, content management systems training and our full after sales technical support. Visit the the Engine to see demo stock of our products in action.

We are dedicated to constantly seeking out the very best. Be that in people, or technology. Our constant reinvestment policy means you’ll always get the best service, management and end result available



Every project undertaken by UXG Dynamic LED Solutions is managed by our resident team, including a dedicated project manager and lead technician, working with our in-house logistics team, and our in house quality control procedures to ensure that every stage of the installation is seamlessly delivered.

We also conduct technical site visits with regular project updates, including structural and civil engineering consultations, media and power considerations and we include detailed schematics for our products.

Our expert team will also advise you on the content management system best suited to your needs and provide training for the system.

LED screens are deployed in a wide variety of business sectors, broadcasting content of choice at a touch of a button.

Travel & Tourism

Digital Advertising & Signage

Licensed Trade & Restaurants

Automotive & Service Stations

Educational, Local & National Government

High Street Retail & Supermarkets

Sports, Leisure & Entertainment

Corporate, Conferencing & Hospitality

TV, Film & Theatrical

Heritage & Religious

Indoor     Outdoor     Creative     Transparent     Stadium



We work with a wide variety of high profile retailers, agencies and corporations installing stunning LED screens.

The modular design of our LED displays allows for any size, or shape of display, with front or rear servicing options for all locations. Our screens come pixel perfect, with properly colour calibrated, seamless LED modules, with a wide selection of resolutions available.

All screens are available with content management software options, and all include a full UK managed warranty. UXG Dynamic LED solutions are fully certified and quality assured.



We work with a wide variety of high profile retailers, agencies and corporations, installing stunning LED Screens.

UXG LED Screens are manufactured to CE standards, and have a full UK quality control, and soak testing before being delivered to site. Our outdoor screens have wind resistant qualities for roof mounted, or DOOH installations. We also offer full support structure design, fabrication and fixing.

UXG LED Screens feature ambient light sensors and performance monitoring, to ensure content always looks it’s best, no matter the external conditions, including high brightness specifications for perfect viewing in direct sunlight.

As with all UXG LED projects, our Outdoor LED screens are project managed from order, through to installation, including pre delivery calibrations and testing.



The options are endless and the technology ever advancing. At UXG Dynamic LED Solutions we always stay one step ahead.

Our Creative LED Displays come with a variety of eye-catching options, guaranteed to impress in any application. We can offer:

LED Globes,  Cubes & Cylinders, as well as unique shapes

High brightness standard LEDs for in-window displays

Transparent LED Displays

High Resolution free standing retail display units and totems.

Curved LED – Convex & Concave

Flexible LED Solution

LED Flooring

Seamless LED Corner Displays



Full colour broadcasting, whilst maintaining 80% transparency for viewing out, and letting light in. Framed poster, and modular screen options available.

Our Transparent LED Screens come with an attractive aluminium framework and a lightweight construction at less than 15kg/sqm. They also feature a low power consumption, without sacrificing display quality, with a high brightness display of up to 6000nits, across a range of pixel pitches (5mm, 8mm & 10mm.)

These Transparent LED Screens offer a huge impact, and a wide variety of creative applications, either as individual advertising posters, or as a large modular display.



UXG Dynamic LED Solutions offer large format LED screens broadcasting to 16:9 for interior and outdoor usage, with a high brightness and seamless picture quality, available in popular pixel pitches of 10mm, 12mm and 16mm.

Our large format displays conform to EUFA, and CE standards, and come packaged with sports software and broadcasting templates, including live playback, instant replay, pre-recorded content and scoreboard displays, making it perfect for sports stadium and arena applications.

UXG Dynamic LED Solutions also offer perimeter LED advertising displays.